Assistance for motorcyclists driving through Romania. Find services you may need near your current location.

Moto Service

Specialists or amateurs with garages, which can service your broken Motorcycle or can help you with servicing it by changing different parts or repairing it.

Moto Parts

Authorized shops or private people which are selling different Motorcycle parts, new or second-hand.

Moto Towing

Your bike just broken and you need towing? Here you can find specialists or amateurs which have the needed equipment to tow your Motorcycle.

Moto Accomodation

Accomodation which offers also safe place to park your Motorcycle. Covered or uncovered garages.

What are we offering to motorcyclist?

What we are offering for Motor Bikers which are visiting Romania is split in two big parts


In this mobile application, you will find an interactive map and a way to search for specific services which a Biker needs when passing through Romania.
You will actually find listings with positions and contact details for motorcycle repair garages, motorcycle towing, motorcycle part shops and accommodation which offers safer way to park your motorcycle during the night.



On the blog, you can find different regulations which you need to be aware of when visiting Romania on a Motor Bike.

We are also publishing articles about places in Romania which are great to visit by riding your motorcycle in Romania. Other various helping materials for bikers will be posted and we will try to keep everything up to date.


Registered service providers

Moto service

moto parts

moto towing

moto accomodation
Assisting moto bikers in need, when passing through Romania

We try to offer Motor Bikers the needed support when they need it and the proper information to prepare the trip around Romania


Latest Posts

Latest news and blog posts relevant for Moto Biker which are visiting Romania. Find here regulations and nice places which offers great motorcycle journeys!

Basic driving regulations in Romania

Road conditions The quality of roads varies greatly throughout Romania. While major streets in larger cities and major inter-city roads are in fair to good condition, most other roads are[…]

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The Bicaz Gorge / The Red lake (Cheile Bicazului/Lacul Roşu)

The Red Lake (Lacu Rosu)       The Red Lake (Lacu Rosu) is a natural storage dam lake and is situated at the foot of Hasmasu Mare Mountains, somewhere[…]

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No vignette in Romania for motorcycles

Vignette for Motorcycles in Romania

Romania did not implemented road tax for motorcycles. You don’t need Vignete for motorcycle in Romania!

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